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トゥ キャッスル ウルフェンシュタイン


 عودة إلى قلعة ولفينشتاين

hey.. At least I tried.. ;)

The Original. v2

Current RtCW serverlists
serverlist 1.0/1.4

In 12 years time RtCW community fell apart in many pieces.
Many gave alternatives a chance or just never found their way back..
Still, what is to be read from internet is also my own experience so far..

..There's no multiplayer gameplay like that of good ol'

News March2014
MP Activity Report
RtCW 1.42?

No MP in Wolfenstein2013
RtCW Legacy Cup
RtCW Summer Bowl Cup
Cooperative Gameplay mod

NO SERVERLIST!? (win/mac)
idSofware masterserver not responding..

Pb still giving headaches..




..Currently all versions of this unique game live in hands of RtCW community

Starting with RtCW
Installing is important. Find the n00b info via this page and do use QuickStart. Skip the rest.
If you have problems or want more info, check out this page or search for clans & server websites and such!


Played versions ATM
There's a RtCW version 1.0 (uses same serverlist as 1.1 and 1.3) and there's a version 1.4. Both are great to play and it's highly recommended to install both versions as both have their own serverlist and different game styles. Also a modification Wildwest is still being played which also has it's own serverlist. The time with most player activity depends on the version. For an explanation and a list of current best (populated) servers, see latest Activity Report Feb2014.


This 1 page covers most valuable info from the old black archive and is most frequently updated of all here
it consists mainly news, urgent recommendations, community, problems & quickstart
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