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Wolf 2D -> 3D

Back in 1981 maybe 5% of the people that nowadays uses internet, owned a homecomputer like Atari or Sinclair ZX Spectrum to play the first 2D Castle Wolfenstein. (Look here for Wolfenstein1D.) About 10 years later, id Software presented the 1st First Person Shooter for MS-DOS Wolf3D in 1992. (Here's one for iPhone/Windows.. And because of a 20 year anniverasary here's an online version) Personally I didn't like the rough graphics, but it was called the mother of 3D first person shooters by many though. {And 'nazi-horror' by (just the m)others}.

Castle Wolfenstein = 'Granny' ? :)          

RtCW 1.0 (nov. 2001)
'Classic' RtCW by Gray Matter/Nerve/idSoftware is powered by a modified Quake III Arena engine so I've read. (RtCW engine was a foundation for Call of Duty and Trinity.) One month later the popular MP and SP demo-versions were free to download. Like Wolf3D, RtCW turned out to be a hit as well but this time because of realistic graphics and a huge active RtCW-community that resulted in fiiiiine multi- and teamplaying. The full MP expanded by many maps and mods but even before that already 2 communities existed: demo and full. So both ran RtCW with their own serverlist (and players).
(A ShockWave version called RtCWreloaded I found online is pretty useless, but gives an idea of the surroundings.)

One of the first demos blew me away! Fast moving at a nice res and teamplaying with friends. And I just must mention the possibility to assign ALL keys. The demo worked flawless so we did not even think of buying need the full game for a year while we skipped nights. Meanwhile Linux Mac PSII and Xbox editions came out.. A new version (Demo 2) was OK too but also had it's own serverlist. Others sticked to the first. Or second. We played both, a few did.
(btw.. Though I never missed it in the pc versions, the Xbox and PS2 added some (hi)story to mainly the SP version.)


RtCW drama (2002/3)
Essential update after update appeared for full RtCW because of the pirating I guess and maybe too much freedom for tweaks and cheats as some must have thought. And not just updates for the game itself but also for anticheat software Punkbuster which suddenly was part of the game. In that time a Game of the Year distribution came in stores and attracted many new people to the community. But because of all updates the serverlist was sometimes suddenly empty. We did not know what happened! WTF! Suddenly the serverlist was a bit shorter/ completely gone.. We hated PunkBuster and updates! Sometimes we even hated Wolf! Imagine whole worlds (servers) with online mates disappeared. And yeah we used Google back than, but we started the game to play it. And it DID work. NOW IT WAS TIME FOR GAMING not for browsing and me and my homies who lived here locally were online. So. F*ck it, let's Wolf!! Try full? Or demo? Got latest update?