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march 2014:

RtCW Cup 2014 - The Reich Strikes back!

RtCW Cup 2014
click for more info

were down weekend of March 1st 2014. They were back up monday after, but during whole month there were problems like not showing all servers or or no servers at all. All tnx to ddos attacks (like ol'times) as stated @FB..
Ofcorse you should have added your fav servers to the favourites list a long time ago :P but a few popular servers from atm are put on the log page.
Also a 3rd alt ms was online within no-time during the first week of the problems: master.ioquake3.org:27950 incl. patch. :) But as both main masters are back again this third may not be updated. (Compared both listings after 5 days:
For all versions, both masterservers had the exact same amount of servers and seem to be 100% complete (compared to what I remember from before the weekend.
..So anyway,

feb 2014:
MP Activity Report Feb2014
RtCW 1.42?

july 2013:

  • Wolfenstein (2013) - The New Order on PS2 (expected) nov2013 on PC
  • Euro server report 7/2013 22h cet:
    v1.0 only AoDDM well playable w 10 ppl. FunObj almost dead.
    v1.4 only ECG-obj w 20 ppl but much lag for Europe. ToaK-GreenI almost dead.

may 2013:

dec 2012:

  • 23 dec: Alienware RtCWv1.4 XMAS Cup
  • PunkBuster problems? (cannot enable/get it to work)? Read about PunkBuster EnableFIX2012.
  • Future of server h4s unsure.
  • Added the map-fixes for 1.0-1.3 (I know about) to page v583.
  • WolfX 0.6 (for Win/Lin).. I haven't tried this version yet but it's called RtCW 1.5. Info to be found on project website and very clear description here.
  • Another project I know nothing about (yet ;): RtCW-Coop is available here. Info is also on the project board). Personally I couldn't get it to work, yet.
  • Torrent/bin ISO called 'RTCW - Updates included.iso' tested: 100% ok up to 1.41PB.

oct 2012: PunkBuster for 1.0 Mac..

aug 2012: New RtCW installers for Win95..Win7 here

jul 2012: After half a year being completely gone.. One of the greatest servers ever H4S is back!

feb 2012: idSoftware's Master server not responding in 2012:
Empty serverlist? (Win)

RECOMMENDED FIXES FOR PC: Use another master server instead of the default one. This is possible by replacing your c:/program files/RtCW/wolf_mp.exe. I can recommend the masterservers (and patches) below for now. Just be sure to download the appropriate patch for your version of RtCW.

Master Patch:                                                               backup your original file!          
Important Return to Castle Wolfenstein Patches (all versions)
Patch for RtCW v 1.0 without PunkBuster by deathmask-WolfMP, by s4ndmod
Patch for RtCW v 1.1 without PunkBuster by deathmask-WolfMP, by s4ndmod
Patch for RtCW v 1.0-1.1 WITH PB by deathmask-WolfMP, s4ndmod
Patch for RtCW v 1.3 by deathmask-WolfMP, s4ndmod
Patch for RtCW v 1.4 by deathmask-WolfMP or s4ndmod
Patch for RtCW v 1.41 by deathmask-WolfMP or s4ndmod
Patch for RtCW v 1.41b by deathmask-WolfMP or s4ndmod
Patch for RtCW falx-bully version by deathmask-WolfMP                      yes.. just choose one :)
Server admins are kindly asked to import the next to their config:
seta sv_master1 "wolfmaster.idsoftware.com", seta sv_master2 "dpmaster.deathmask.net", set sv_master3 "wolfmaster.s4ndmod.com"

If you wish not to install the patches above I sorted out some WORKAROUNDS:
Gamebrowser Qtracker is nice to see but sadly hasn't got a complete serverlist. Also note that just one version of RtCW can directly be launched from it. Simple tool Pathfinder worked much better but other alternatives are AllSeeingEye, Xfire and GameTracker. Another option is to manually add servers to your favorites and getting IP's via websites like wolfmp.com..
And last workaround: Edit Windows HOSTS file. Add " wolfmaster.idsoftware.com" to the list. IMPORTANT: If you forget you had changed this file, you may have a huge problem in future when the masterserver is changed again.
mar 2012:
News about earlier master patches! ClanFF.com appears to have stopped their wolfmaster.clanff.com. Which means previous installed Master patches might not work anymore and the links to them were removed from these pages. If you still get no servers use one of the workarounds above.. Tnx [FF] for the master server so far.

jul 2012: Empty serverlist? (Mac)
I was told by a lonely 1.4 player called uzi that had no masterlist that all versions of RtCW exist for the Apple computers but I had to admit I had not seen any fixes for that. Yet.
But some gamebrowsers that might work for Apple are Only Mortal and GameRanger.

Because I did not find patches for Mac's I quote a complete guide for OS-X users:

1) Either by start typing Terminal on the Spotlight, or by going into Applications -> Utilities -> Terminal.
2) Open the hosts file by typing on the Terminal: $ sudo nano /private/etc/hosts Type your user password when prompted.
3) Simply add the following underneath all text in there: wolfmaster.idsoftware.com
4) Press control-o to save the file. Press enter on the filename prompt, and control-x to exit the editor.
5) If you flush the DNS cache, your host file changes take immediate effect: $ dscacheutil -flushcache
(Tested it in Mac OS X 10.5.8, source)

may 2012: Announcement --> RtCW EuroCup 2012

June 16th
RtCW Eurocup 2012

organized by

:ExE   FF



The tournament will be saturday June 16th. Inscriptions are open from 1 June till 14th.
Version: 1.0. Modes: OBJ, DM, Sniper.. More info at the
RtCW DM Euro Cup 2012 website.


feb 2012: 2xH4S? WTF!?!

feb 2012: New RtCW DEMO version! FREE Demo2012MP
This new demo of Wolf MP is a stripped 1.0 that shows all servers but can only join the Beach. As the original RtCWdemo isn't played much anymore I'ld recommend this 60MB download from now on. Ofcourse 1.0-1.3 players have no need to install this version as the can join the same servers anyway.. Because the org. Demo used it's own serverlist and I didn't find a Master Update, it probably won't find servers anymore at all.
In the evening late 2011, there was just one 1 server left in the original RtCW MP Demo (v.1.1) with about 6-24 players/bots.

aug 2012: Since this Demo is offline and the other one not working due to lacking Master update, I suggest to check out the page for n00bs now..
okt 2012: Ok.. The patch to get the Masterlist back for the original RtCW Demo (v1.1 free version) is provided here by s4ndmod. However.. I'll keep my recommendation to get the full version. (Has to do with only 1 s4ndmod server online currently and I don't know whether the Demo Masterlist is open for more IP's, besides that the full MP versions work better.)

okt 2011: Punkbuster does not support RtCW and ET anymore
so I've read.. But for my current 1.1 and 1.3 installs and gaming experience it doesn't seem to matter. btw. Punkbuster still works; it just will not supply new IP's to the blacklist afaik. Also.. Players of Enemy Territory might have more problems during instal.. I suggest RtCW in that case..



(Log July 23th 2011: Since I rediscovered the 1.0 servers with most EU-pings as Tiny as ToaK's ;) , I did not notice any cheating yet or it would be some superfastsprintjumps I canno do myself. Yet. But several years back I did see a lot cheaters killing games on the first versions of RtCW I played (Demo and GoTY/1.4). So I played fully updated for years just to reduce the risk of cheaters, presuming everybody would follow getting all updates as it was also the way to get a long masterlist back.. (history) Anyway.. I bring this up because about this versions 1.0-1.33 is said, these are cheat versions. I say F2 (no) on that, but the next is true: These versions had more cheaters compared to 1.4, especially in the beginning.. Punkbuster did it's job for a big part.
And yes In some years I've seen a few on 1.0 :P
Like on 1.4 :D )



Serveradmins should add wolfmaster.s4ndmod.com and dpmaster.deathmask.net to cvar sv_master5 or ^Wh.
If these are down, within a week alternative(s) can be derived via the normal channels. Read about that in the Arch.