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Cracks, scripts, cheats, tweaks & hacks
are subjects of all times.


1st of all: Cracks and illegal software have nothing to do with script and settings which are stored by the game and can be found in .CFG files. Now.. By manual edits, RtCW can be more optimized than via the ingame menu. Not much, but still..
Many of these config files are online. Here are some great examples of full personal tweaked configs. Just remember these are written by and for other computers. Anyway, tweaking RtCW means game optimalisation for me.

After setting graphics and network in the menu, this game runs fine. Straight out of the box and it almost did just as well on my 800MHz Windows 95 pc many years ago. And this last fact is a nice part of RtCW: For this game it hardly matters whether an old or brandnew pc is used.

Just one manual .CFG change might be recommended for starters with optimizing (tweaking) in mind: After 10yrs found out my networksettings for the game were not optimal. (Tnx ToaK!). About 5 min work ;)..
(Lately I did some more customising but nothing really special going on here. I test a new setting once in a while.. I don't know much about WolfScript and stuff. Here's one of many good tutorials if you're interested,,

In 2002/3 I used DropWeapon (alt way of reloading your gun) a short while. Afaik I simply had binded Drop instead of Reload through the menu, untill servers started to block this trick in 2003. wtf? ;)
Recently I had to use the script on the right for tweaked servers in 1.0. But untill 2011 I hardly ever tweaked RtCW through the cfg files. Felt no need to:


Don't waste time on trying to crack RtCW. A copy of 1.0-1.3 runs fine and even 1.4 versions work with 'cracked servers'. If you need a serialnumber to install, search internet as there are many online, even the ET gen works! Just remember that one out of 10 servers might refuse your connection or kick you within secs because of a banned serial. Just try. np

Pure RtCW

The game as it was meant included no superhumans, meaning equal equipped players with skills based on that. This true RtCW play is still to be found within all versions.
Btw Flaming at versions, or community parts happens.. They made even a movie of the game I read.. And WolfTV.. (err.. is spectator channel during scrims). And yes tweaks and cheats dó exist. But also very active admins in the servers that give IP bans for life.
btw Most cheaters can't aim well. Just shoot them.










Example DropReload Script
Scripts like this are often put in a .cfg file (renamed txt) and loaded in game via console ~
/exec tweaks.cfg

bind x "+dropweapon;+activate;-activate;-dropweapon; cg_autoswitch 1"