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serverlist 1.0/1.3/1.4

Notes of April2012:
For clients (normal players >:) most handy seem to be the machine guns, config files, Google and notepad. But to show off during the few seconds of gameresults, also a couple of name animators like Animator 0.62 and FullNameAnimator and such have been made. But.. The chance is you get kicked from a server when using animation. Depends on the serverrules set by a admin. Not many players use it nowadays but back in 2002 we enjoyed cool short coloured creations at the end of the game. Unfortunately some players flooded servers with the purpose of disturbing the game.

Wolf Radio
Instead.. You might want to use Rtcw Name Maker Studio or this online RtCW Namemaker (yes Quake3..). It can create thecode for a fancy name with the use of special symbols. Do note that servers might kick for using those symbols too. (Never understood that btw..) WTF!

I like this one too: Q3E Minimizer; use a key combination to switch easily between fullscreen RtCW and your desktop. You have a choice of a simple executable v1.20 and a setup version 1.51. Both work fine.

Also a Map Downloader was invented. An icon will appear ik task. When needed it quits RtCW (all versions), downloads the needed map fast and reconnects to the server.. Works great! Btw in my 1.1 copy I found a preinstalled http downloader called DLL injector. This downloader doesn't quit RtCW and also downloads fast. The game only seems to work when Punkbuster is not installed in the RtCW version (pre-1.3).

With Wolf Radio it would be easy to bind radio commands to keys.. I don't know.
And Wolf TV makes it possible to watch the game through 1 spectator which might be handy with tourneys.

At last a much too decent screensaver: Girls of Castle Wolfenstein,
and some skins, artwork and wallpapers etc. Tip: Skins can be functional yes.

edit Oct2013:
Pretty useless game browsers/-starters
Some game browsers like Qtracker, Xfire or Steam can show you the current serverlist of a RtCW version (mostly just v1.4 afaik). These programs these may collect some game stats and seem to present a way to easily connect to a server. This seems pretty useless, as you can also start RtCW and look at the serverlist. Btw Steam only works if you bought the game via Steam. If it's about stats, you'll find far more details on the websites of the servers.
Untill a year ago there also existed online serverlists for each version of the game on wolfmp.com and rtcwx.com. These could also have you connected to a server. (Check out this 1.4-list for an example.) Now these are offline it seems more logical to use Pathfinder with wolfmaster.s4ndmod.com as masterserver, or the game itself to look at the current serverlist.

Qtracker looks like an awesome game browser, but.. While I tested it a few periods, first I really liked the pogram but later I found it's very unreliable. In the end more than 80% of the servers didnot show up in the list. And forever so it seems.
(These gamebrowsers use their own masterserver, so hereby I ask Serveradmins to please add their server IP's to all common gamebrowsers including QT and also alternative masterservers that currently support RtCW! This way players have a better overview of their options and have more ggz! Also, unique servers might be around a bit longer..)
So let's forget about using game browsers. Online on websites or stand alone, they're pretty useless :) .
Was not even need to mention Pathfinder yet..

Pathfinder is a free 1.0+1.4 server browser which is not needed at all because we own this übergame, but.. It's a handy standalone little tool to see current serverlists and even find players. Note: Use wolfmaster.s4ndmod.com as masterserver instead of the filled in IP.
Though it is not a musthave at all, it seems the only handy tool for searching players somewhere (1.0/1.4) in the game if you wish. Btw I just discovered that Pathfinder is able to hide botservers that has no real players in it. And that is another nice feature when you search human players in the many 1.4 botservers. (I'm not sure whether Wolf itself even supports that.) Also, you can use it as game starter to join a server, but Pathfinder works with just one version of RtCW. So not recommended to use it like a starter if you use 1.0 and 1.4 at the same time.
Use Pathfinder with wolfmaster.s4ndmod.com as masterserver or it won't work! (Note: The 1.4 ToaK servers don't show up..)

edit Mar2015 (:
And finally some 'mods' I'ld like to mention .
These work 100%.
(find out on the web yourself if you wish)

Wildwest - HeH Complete 2014
HD pack 2013
dutch voice
[SP PATCH] RtCW Single Player v1.42c (Unofficial Patch)