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Latest new lines (of this website 2/2014)
Spawnpoint of View is kinda my personal perspective as RtCW fan. I try to circumvent this in text while trying to give a clear view for other (beginning) players. Anyway, while making this website some years ago, I realised RtCW also meant trying different maps, servers, settings, versions, tools.. It had always been part. The reason for that is somewhere within my notes.. I personally skipped the tools and editing of cfg files for years because it looked too much like cheating and that did spoil games often.. Furthermore I played just 1.4 for about 10 years and never had interest for tweaks or 'other weird' versions like ET. Boycotted the www in relation to the game. And was never part of any pro competition or clan. All not too important, but reason for quite a story because RtCW default ran fiiiine on my old pc. Resolution a bit down, Contrast up, Sound bit down, keys.. And go.
Btw. For now I feel no need to review/rewrite my old text below.

First lines (of this website 4/2011)
I always played the full updated (currently 1.41b) and ofcourse a looot of the demo (60MB latest v2012) before that. Just lately I play v1.1 and discovered v.1.3 one month back. Last year I did some extra research on all versions and mods to locate true RtCWplay. I enjoy small deathmatch and 12vs12 objective games the most. All depends on map, time of hour, real players/bots, ping and more.
And yeah we bought "Wolfenstein" (2009 PC/Xbox360; review). Some waited for a next version since 2005.. We did not. And aware Wolf2009 is not Return to, we might just once give it a try..
But RtCW is in our system. (Think of kneeling down in UT which quite foolish. :) But occasionally we try other shooters. For instance we bought (but never played) Wolfenstein2009, Farcry2 etc, the old fCC members discovered UT1999 too (in 2010 ;) and we also played BF1942 (Desert Combat).

I have hardly any experience with the full singleplayer as I got sucked into MP. Be sure to check out the SP community! Many extentions like maps and mods have been made in the past by players.

fCC: former Cyb3rcL4N: No clan and never was.. Just a group of 3 RtCW fanatics (^CeeVOX, ^W4rG1rL and me) that played many times since the demo. We never used hax or cheats as we just fell in love with the pure RtCW Multiplayer. Next to it we use Skype for audiochat. Since our group expanded with ^Sammy69 we often use the Wtag; the red W of Wolf duh. We also invite new players to the game and give them a simple config with this W in it and sometimes NuB as last part of the name to be clear to teammates..
With exception ^Sammy69 we just suck at other shooters. Sometimes even at Wolf. Other strange Wolf habits: We seldom read the textchat or not at all. (So bitch all you want heheh..) Furthermore we're not elite but skilled teamplayers and pretty good medics that often don't know where to go in maps. In a rage I personally tend to forget about objectives shooting around like a lunatic. Half the time I play kind of DM mode. Or like a luny like Mere Fleshwound. >:P All fCC members seem to be like that. Btw, my fav weapon is the thompson/mp40 in buildings and crowded areas but the sten seems handy in bigger maps (use /sten in console to get one :).
Btw since ^W4rG1rL aka mrs.Ownedbynoclan refuses to use the fCC tag, we always play in the opposite team. >:)
This website had some changes since it's birth in feb 2011. Every page has it's own 'page upd' date on top.