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Cheats kill a game. The free Demo (link is latest found version2012) once attracted many heads to the full version. For many years this version had a long serverlist an was very popular. Later cheaters killed the gameplay and fun for many (especially for starters) as they degrade all others that choose not to make it a hobby to exploite vulnerabilities in scripts/files/cvars/OpenGL/network to have superpowers.
And instead maybe just really liked the game as it was meant. Technically, serveradmins have the ability to limit/permit settings and disable or ban for certain scripts (which can be found in CFG files) to draw a first line between tweaks and cheats.
In 2012 I saw for the first time a serverside cheat. It was the server admin himself. A dirty part of it was that the cheat was transferred to passing-by players who kindly asked to stop this. Some players did cheat this way without even knowing and this admin asked others to record this to put demo online. This resulted in one of the latest community downfalls as many people incuding more staff felt betrayed. Sadly it was my favorite and most popular 1.0 server with so far respected admins and organisation. The server was abandoned and empty for some period. In feb 2012 some admins that cared for good games nowadays runs a complete new version of this server with the same name and even the former IP that's in the favs of many.. Don't ask how.. The cheater is gone. Maybe these things happened before but I never saw :) anywayz.. This lasted for about a year.

Besides that I must admit I also have seen people doing things I cannot do myself. In all versions (incl. 1.41b with PB) and this wasn't a problem for the game. But yes things happened that I just did not understand. When I first saw it in 2002/3, a guy flying around in mp_beach was weird. And it looked like a cheat. But it's not. It's jetpack mostly during Warm-up. Definitely not a cheat. The use of weird permitted/legal scripts/commands and values are seen as cheats by many 1.4 players. But to be honest, tnx to great admins I hardly noticed any cheating in 1.1 when I explored this version. Not at all like I expected to be honest.. Or it would be some superfast trickjumps I cannot do myself yet. Or the one guy hanging in the air. :D
For 1.0 players and tweakfreaks the configurable settings and scripts might be very nice, for a relatively protected 1.4PB-player it always felt as a dark side. A buggy different world of superpowers, unfair for those that do not have the knowledge. I experienced it's not like that at all. Last year it were great games on 1.0 and 1.4 mainly!!

(Log July 23th 2011: Since I rediscovered the 1.0 servers with most EU-pings as Tiny as ToaK's ;) , I did not notice any cheating yet or it would be some superfastsprintjumps I canno do myself. Yet. But several years back I did see a lot cheaters killing games on the first versions of RtCW I played (Demo and GoTY/1.4). So I played fully updated for years just to reduce the risk of cheaters, presuming everybody would follow getting all updates as it was also the way to get a long masterlist back.. (history) Anyway.. I bring this up because about this versions 1.0-1.33 is said, these are cheat versions. I say F2 (no!) on that. But only the next is true: These have attracted more cheaters compared to 1.4, especially in the beginning..
And yes In some years I've seen a few on 1.0 :P
Like on 1.4 :D )


Anti-cheat solutions do exist:

  • Currently best and widely used solution is having few admins per server that administrate an IP blacklist. IP, serial and PB ID blacklists may be shared. Recordings in Spectatormode proove the hacking.
  • Program Punkbuster for 1.4 (is included in the GotY version) is a thirdparty anticheat program.
  • Punkbuster for 1.0 exists since 2009. At the same time it seems to be the update to version 1.3. Do not just install it. Read first.
  • Mousetrap (for 1.0 but may not be unadvisable atm). I don't use it.

About fast jumps and TrickJumping
Is it the same as strafejumping? Or salutejumping? bunnyhopping? Some players can do laaaarge jumps by hand technique as they say and others say to use a script. Often these jumps are allowed by servers and also many maps have been made for 100%-TrickJumping.
A total different gameplay. Btw recently some friendly dude told me lately in a trickjump server I could use in console next commands: /goto 1 and /goto 2 and /gib and /nofatigue. Can't remember what it was for btw. :)
Small update: I can some-kind-of strafejump in servers that allow it. I just had to reinvent it :) .. But I really suck tooooo much for TJ maps..
Press Sprint and add a Jump to that. This way an extra big jump is possible. Now learn to let Sprint and Jump button go as soon as you leave the ground (still holding Forward). When you're sure you control this, make this jump and while you're high in the air, press Jump again and keep it pressed untill you leave the ground again. Now the main thing: Twist your mouse while touching the ground while strafing in the other direction. I think I do it that way LOL. Sometimes I just get the hang of it. It's not a cheat but technique.

Another technique is Instagibbing: Crouching on a head and and aim at the feet. I can't do it.