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serverlist 1.0/1.3/1.4
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You can get the RtCW DEMO2012MP (offline now) (including all patches, for Windows 95..7 and note that with using Breezie's http tool it turns into..).
If you try RtCW Singleplayer Demo (Win/Mac/French :) please be aware that it's less kewl than the MP.
And I doubt btw the Lin/Mac Multiplayer versions of the Demo still work since id's master server is down, but check these workarounds.


Other Editions (versions I don't really know / currently play)

  • RtCW 1.33 Game of the Year Edition - 2002 Distribution pack. Linux- and Mac-versions and a GotY Mappack do exist. Recommended updates atm: All: update_1_41 (mirror), update 1.41b (mirror); (update 1.4lite for 1,33 seems useless right now.) Recommended downgrades: Maybe this downgrade patch 1.3 -> 1.0 for an extra version?
  • RtCW Special Edition - 2002? Distribution pack. Not familiar with. Has it's own SE-Mappack but does not seem to be used. Seems v.1.4
  • RtCW Collector's Ed - 2003, v.1.33 with metal cdbox and goodies (like a poster and fabric patch).
  • RtCW Platinum Edition - 2004 Distribution pack of 1.41 packed with Wolf3D.
  • RtCW Tides of War - 2003 Not familiar with this distributionpack/version but seems to be for Xbox360 with a so-called co-op mode and link play and also downloads. Some extra weapons were added too so I've read.. Seems to be a 1.33 (?) like GotY.?
  • RtCW Operation Resurrection - 2003 This was just a singleplayer for the PlayStation2. (vid)


Wolf relatives:

  • Castle Wolfenstein
  • Wolfenstein3D (view, download)
  • Wolfenstein ET test (free 'demo'; updates 2.6, 2.6b); mods?
  • Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory - Quake Wars 2.0 (free); mods?
  • Wolfenstein (2009); mods? bought it, not familiar with




Operation Resurrection (PS2)

someone elses collection :)