Return to Castle Wolfenstein Multiplayer
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Y? why

I wanted to provide a complete overview and some resource for info on all active (in 2011/2012 played) multiplayer MP pc versions of this fine shooter. Handy for first time and more experienced users 'that travel between versions without knowing of it' or some might even find a way back to RtCW. In 2011 it seemed there wasn't much server choice left for players of the full updated game and Demo).
Did RtCW die, like wolfmap.de (big former RtCW resource) stated on April 1st? Quote: "Return to Castle Wolfenstein lebt eigentlich nur noch durch die Singleplayer-Maps die von Fans erstellt wurden, der Multiplayer ist schon seit Jahren tot und begraben." what means RtCW would live only through the Singleplayer (maps made by fans). RtCW MP is dead and buried.."


Well Wolfmap, you got pwnd!
Had strange feelings about the situation all these years. I didn't know exactly what happened. So after 10 years I finally searched internet. Honestly I never did before. Once many were attracted and united by the gameplay of the demo and full but where's everybody? And where (in the serverlist) are the real RtCW freaks? What servers are just fiiine right now?
Since the free Demo, population of servers at a local time, ping and server's anti-cheat policy, made that players always have been fan of one or a few populated server(s). Still the case. Most players have a favourite server, and also game version. Seems to be part of the mess(ed up community). So, yeah.. It's there, true oldskool gaming, but it's not.. Almost in the underground: It split up. And moved, and split up. And again and again. After 10 years only certain versions and nephews of the game are still being played..
More about history and the Adventures of.. here.


Meaning RtCW MP is alive for over 10 years now. The Decade Anniversary Cup was cancelled, but there's a party goin on.
! Now get there.