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RtCW Multiplayer 1.0 & 1.4 Activity Report - 2016
Didn't fire it up so much.. Most times I did about 22:00 cet: ECG /1.4 had enough activity. Think of between 8-32 players. Version 1.0 maybe a quarter of the times I checked out the servers.
Please read Report - March 2014 below!

NOTE: The text of this website has not been updated
since the date on top of each page!

Report - March2015
Captain's log: Last weeks RtCW activity drops.
For Objective mode often there are not enough players anymore during most EU evenings (9pm - midnight CET), with every hour a check of the serverlist.. In that case only 1 Deathmatch-server or AutoMG42-DM-server on 1.0 have enough activity. During last 6 months 1.0-server FUN died more or less. And on 1.4 even ECG hasn't got enough people to play a decent game.. I still check the lists almost any day but in most cases I feel forced to play another game. And this didnot happen much before in 13.5 years.

Report - June2014
ECG seems to be missing from the ingame 1.4 serverlist for weeks now. Since it's the only human-only server active, you may want to add it's IP via Favourites ingame. You find the IP in the links below:

Report - March2014

"RtCW Multiplayer still alive?"
Install, or check out these online serverlists: 1.0 by s4ndmod, 1.4 by deathmask.

"I see servers in the links above, but not in the game!"

Be sure about having the right Masterpatch installed for your version of RtCW, or it can never show a list.

"I see servers in the links above, but in the game I do not see so many."
You could try using a different install and/or masterserver patch, or add the IP's to your favs.

"Neither do I see servers in the links above!"
Unfortunatly every once in a while, the masterserver simply is down. So it doesn't send the serverlist.
And not all servers show up. In any list. But ofcourse public servers usually are and should be.
Besides playing the game, there are more ways to find activity. And even more activity. :P
Just to give you an idea.. And talking default RtCW Multiplayer (modifications excluded):
So far I've played about 1-7 times a week for mostly 1-5 hours whenever I felt like it, mostly in the evening/night. Over the last few years, say 10 hrs/week, including last week for example. And I experienced just twice that no nice MP game was possible at all. At those moments only 10-20 players were left, spread over different servers and 2 versions of RtCW. No gg was possible. And yes some like 3v3 and bots but not me..

Best time to play on best servers?
After work/school is the best time to play with other people online. Great servers to join are listed here.
Btw I'm in Europe (CET/GMT time) and here is a version 1.0 most active from afternoon till midnight. And v1.4 from late evening till far after midnight. And while EU plays 1.0, in US lunch is just over so not best time to play. And during US evenings it's just a bit too late for EU..
It seems most servers and players are in US and Europe, which causes 2 activity waves.
Up to some Timezone Xploring to expand your RtCW?

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