Multiplayer FPS

Return to Castle Wolfenstein
Spawn Point of View - ^WhatEVER, May 2013

The Original.


Starters are called n00b. Get used to it. The game is hardcore.. ;P
This page decribes an easy and complete install procedure with using 'QuickStart2013'. To get noobs (and those that encounter problems) up and running. Fast.
We're talking about one of the best games ever and still alive! People who like(d) CounterStrike, Unreal Tournament, Battlefield, Warrock, Call of Dudy Modern Warfare, Enemy Territory, Left4Dead 2 and Team Fortress GOTTA LOVE THIS SHOOTER! Vids: Razel & Tzs fraggin Competition 2002 Don't trust enemies Flamer Goldrush 1shot1kill DropReload Example. Introduction done!
QuickStart2013 might be updated due to other game installers that can be found online.
Btw.. These 2 versions of the game are still being played: v1.0 and v1.4. So if you like the game, you probably want both. If you buy the game, do note you will only have 1.4, while also a 1.0 version has it's own serverlist and gameplay. Read on.

For Free
There are updates to get a working Masterlist are free for all versions. S4ndmod provides the patches, even for the original free RtCW Demo v1.1. But because of it's current condition it's heavily recommended to get the full MP version instead. Not so long ago AVP linked to an other version of RtCW MP Demo, but after installing no shortcut to the game appeared, plus the Master Server didnot respond. |Note this a lot text - read on| The patches for 1.0 and 1.1nonPB didnot work. So currently Demo installers are not recommended. Also 1 server online could never show all types of gameplay that full version 1.0 and 1.4 have. |read| Last 12 years a lot of faulty installers have been on the web, not including

Recommended install (May 2013 - will soon be updated):

This QuickStart pack (zip file) must be installed afterwards: Be sure to pick the right one(s) for your RtCW v1.0 and/or for RtCW v1.4 and read the INSTALL in it very well. Important is also, that after you installed the game, delete (if present) any instance of the file wolfconfig_mp.cfg from next folders:
-C://Program Files (x86)/Return to Castle Wolfenstein/osp/
-C://Program Files (x86)/Return to Castle Wolfenstein/shrubmod/
-C://Program Files (x86)/Return to Castle Wolfenstein/omnibot/
-C://Program Files (x86)/Return to Castle Wolfenstein/ktbani/
-C://Program Files (x86)/Return to Castle Wolfenstein/s4ndm0d-PR0/ etc.
Files called WolfPack_Reflex_1.0 are recommended. But do not install PunkBuster for 1.0 or the update to RtCW 1.3. Latest tests had bad result combined with the masterlist update it needed. Also it's less urgent and hardly used on 1.0. WolfPack_Reflex_1.4 works too (including PunkBuster). Another installer RtCW14pack is also recommended. This one just needs an extra install for PunkBuster (check Windows Startmenu) before installing the QuickStart pack for your RtCW v1.0 and/or for RtCW v1.4.

Differences between v1.0 and v1.4
Besides the types of gameplay, a difference is that 1.4 needs a serial. You should buy one for $9.99 at Steam. On the internet several websites promote the socalled ETkeygen that might do the trick. The key is, that the key works for servers that allow it :) . For instance the most popular 1.4 server (ECG) that uses Punkbuster Anticheat system kicks for using a blacklisted or not original CD key. Be aware. Like the yellow S4NDMOD servers and some others might kick for not having Punkbuster or update 1.3 on version 1.0.


More about QuickStart 2013lite for RtCW 1.x
Most installers (not from org cd and including the ones tested) have many presets. This way, the game does not use the defaults settings and you might even be kicked for weird characters in your name or crimes you didn't commit.
So QuickStart includes: ALL YOU NEED
-Based on basic 2012 95/98/.../Windows7 pc with a default keyboard.
-Currently QuickStart 2013lite supports RtCW 1.0 and 1.4.
-Includes all updates needed like several mapfixes and sounds.
-Master server patch is supported (to get the list of servers).
-It cleans old playername and settings like for your video that might crash Wolf instantly.
-There's a fast MapDownloader for when needed (
-DropReload feature. You can Turn it on with F5 and off with F6. It is a fast way of reloading your gun and works only in the servers that allow it. This works with MOUSE-RIGHT to reload your gun. If you wish to use another key or button for reloading, please edit autoexec.cfg with Wordpad instead of Notepad.
-There's also a lot of text here for preservation purpose things half hidden and aims on first time users too.
-Just a few settings are made to avoid problems, like the internet speed is now DSL/LAN by default. Thinking of first time users. Ofcourse you can always change settings in the game menu.
-Easy install: Copy whole content to the program folder with corresponding version numbers. In game, in every server press F5 once to enable some tweaks, restart Wolf and all should work. :)

More info
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